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How Running Changes Your Body

If you’re just getting into running as a beginner, then you might not know what to expect.

Right now, you’re probably just viewing it as another type of cardio exercise that can help you get fit and lose some weight.

But the truth is that it is so much more than that.

For a lot of people, running changes your life – as well as your body.

If you’re wondering what does running do for your body, then the answer is all sort of good things.

So, if you’re new to running, then let’s dig into all the ways that running changes your body over time.

Your Legs Get Toned All Over

One of the first changes that I noticed back when I got started running was that my legs began to change and really tone up.

This isn’t really surprising though since your legs do all that hard work when you’re running.

For me, the change in my calf muscles was most noticeable. 

woman running outside

While running doesn’t give you the type of bulging calf muscles that you see with cyclists, you will notice that your calves are more toned and defined.

And if you’re the kind of woman who loves to wear tall boots in the fall and winter, then you may notice that they no longer fit around your calves – so be prepared!

Another area of your legs where you’ll notice some changes are your thighs. 

Your thighs get more toned as you run more regularly, which is good for anyone who has noticed a little excess body fat in the thigh areas.

Your Butt Gets Toned

If you’re on a quest to have an amazing butt, then running is a great activity for you take up! 

You see, it’s not just your legs that get the benefit from your running activities. 

Running works and tones those glutes, which gives you a bit of a natural butt lift and a booty that just won’t quit.

woman running outside

You Burn Body Fat

You already know that running is a great form of exercise, but it’s also a great way to lose body fat. 

So, as you become a regular runner you will start to notice that you’re burning body fat and losing weight.

This is all part of running helping you get a more toned and defined body.

Of course the more body fat and extra weight you start with, then the more weight and fat you will lose as you continue running.

If you’re new to running and want to use it as a way to lose weight, then try not to rush things and really give it time.

You don’t want to risk and injury because you’re overdoing it. 

woman running on track

Your Boobs Get Smaller

When you making running a habit, then you naturally lose weight as a result of the activity.

And most women know that with weight loss comes a reduction in breast size.

This is largely due to the fact that your boobs are made up of some fatty tissues, and workouts like running cause fat loss in the chest.

Running also strengthens the muscles in your chest, which also affects the size of your breasts.

As your breast size changes with running, make sure to change your sports bra to ensure that you maintain a good fit.

Wearing the wrong size sports bra means it might not be supporting your boobs as well as it once did – and that can lead to breast pain when running due to strain on the breasts Cooper’s Ligaments (the supportive tissue that prevents – or can cause – saggy boobs).

You Have More Energy

As with any form of regular exercise, running tends to elevate your overall mood and energy levels.

woman running outside

You basically just feel great, which I think is why some people end up addicted to running.

They don’t call it a runner’s high for nothing!

So, mentally you feel better and you are better equipped to move through your day without sinking energy levels that may have plagued you before you took up running.

And, of course, if you can run at the start of your day, then you are better poised to see this benefit throughout your entire day.

You Sleep Better

As with any form of regular exercise, running helps you have better quality sleep.

It’s because you get more sleepy time in that deep sleep cycle.

Even if you suffer from insomnia, you tend to see better sleep results when you take up running.

You May Get A Bigger Heart

Studies have shown that runners who do long distance running actually have bigger hearts than the rest of the population.

While this may sound like a bad thing, it’s actually not.

The hearts of long distance runners are more efficient than those of sedentary people, pumping a larger volume per beat.

So, basically you end up with a heart that’s just crazy efficient.

But keep in mind that is happens to long distance runners and not your average treadmill hobby runner.

How Long Does It Take For Running To Change Your Body?

If you’ve read these changes and are excited about seeing your own body go through this transformation, then you may be wondering how long it will take.

woman outside in running attire

As a beginner, you should start out with between one to two run days per week so that you don’t overdo it in the beginning.

Try to do your runs for 20-minutes, if you can comfortably handle it than long from the start. Otherwise, work up to 20 minute sessions.

And you should alternate you running days in the beginning so that your body has some lower intensity days in between. 

On the days between your runs, focus on other types of workouts at a lower intensity level. I’m a big fan of yoga and pilates for those days.

Make sure you take one complete rest day each week. This helps your body heal and reduces your chances of injuries.

Rest days after your running training are also what allows your body to become stronger.

As you get more comfortable running, you can increase your runs days up to four times per week.

Eventually you may even want to run every day.

Once you make running a regular fitness routine each week, you will start to see these changes in your body.

For most women, the initial changes come around the three weeks mark, but may take longer depending on how often you run each week.

The initial body changes are small, but noticeable.

After you’ve been running regularly for two to three months, you will notice more substantial changes in your body.

Just keep up with your running routine to maintain these changes and their associated health benefits.

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