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Running Puns For Well-Paced LOLs

Are you a fan of both running and puns?

Then you are in luck my fellow punsters!

We’re striding in with a marathon of running puns to leave you in stitches.

Sorry if they don’t track. Our cadence could be a little off.

But we hope you’ll warm up to them over time.

See you at the finish line.

running pun
  • Run’s in my genes.
  • All for run, and run for all.
  • Take it in stride.
  • I’ve got the runs.
  • Running smoothly.
running pun
  • People who run for charity take your money and run.
  • A sprinter punched an opponent right before a race. It was a hit and run.
  • A sprinter told an opponent a secret right before a race. It was a hint and run.

Runner Puns

running pun
  • Running is a good workout. Runners fall asleep fast.
  • Sprinters are only good in the short run.
  • Long-distance runners have a hard time sprinting, but they do better in the long run.
  • One runner played a joke on another. It was a running joke.
  • I used to run behind cars, but I got exhausted.

Jogging Puns

running pun
  • Studying jography.
  • Jogging my memory.
  • Dancing a jog.
  • I go for the jogular.

Punny Running Jokes for Runners

running corgi clip art

Q: What do you call a dog who likes to run the track with its owner?

A: A lap dog.

Q: What do you call friends who always run together?

A: Running mates.

Q: Which country has the best sprinters?

A: I-ran.

Q: Why did the runner put a clock down at the starting line?

A: She was racing against time.

Q: Why did the guy lay face down on the track.

A: He had a runny nose.

Q: Why did the lactose-intolerant runner drink milk?

A: He liked having the runs.

Q: What is track runners’ favorite cell phone network?

A: Sprint.

Q: What do runners eat on race days?

A: Nothing. They fast.

running nun clip art

Q: Why do Catholics only run races during Lent?

A: It’s when they fast.

Q: Why do runners eat so much McDonald’s?

A: It’s fast food.

Q: Why did the snowman pull a muscle during the race?

A: He couldn’t warm up.

Q: Why did the DJ get disqualified from the race?

A: He kept changing tracks.

Q: What are treadmill runners favorite kinds of runs?

A: Home runs.

Punny Jokes About Marathon Runners

Q: Why did the marathon runner show up an hour after the race started?

A: He was running late.

Q: Why aren’t animals allowed in a marathon?

A: They’re not part of the human race.

Q: How do marathon runners like their eggs?

A: Runny.

Well, did we a-tendon these puns well or lose our tempo?

We swear we’re not trying to chafe you.

We do hope you stayed on track.

But so long as you made it out and back, we think you’ll recover.

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