Can You Run In Converse? (and Should You?)

converse shoes

Are your everyday shoes are a pair of Converse sneakers? If yes, then you may be curious if those Chuck Taylors are good for running. Of course, we all know that Converse shoes are not running shoes. Heck, they don’t even have the same design and support as a pair of running shoes. So, can … Read more

Running Puns For Well-Paced LOLs

running pun

Are you a fan of both running and puns? Then you are in luck my fellow punsters! We’re striding in with a marathon of running puns to leave you in stitches. Sorry if they don’t track. Our cadence could be a little off. But we hope you’ll warm up to them over time. See you … Read more

How Running Changes Your Body

woman running outside

If you’re just getting into running as a beginner, then you might not know what to expect. Right now, you’re probably just viewing it as another type of cardio exercise that can help you get fit and lose some weight. But the truth is that it is so much more than that. For a lot … Read more

What Is A Good 5k Time For Beginners?

5K runners

Whether you are just getting started running or have experience and want to compete, a 5k is an excellent way to acquaint yourself with the running community.  As a 5k participant, your finishing time is likely the primary detail that you want to know. However, this number does not always have to be a huge … Read more

Trail Running Shoes vs. Running Shoes

running shoes closeup

With so many types of shoes, one would think that focusing with a simple ‘running shoe’ category would be enough. However, that is not quite the case. Within the category ‘running shoes,’ you’ll find plenty of subsections dedicated to different types of running..  Whether you are a trail runner or keep to the pavement or … Read more

How To Harden Feet To Prevent Blisters (And For Barefoot Running)

guy barefoot on beach

A foot blister is classified as a pocket of fluids that varies in different sizes. Getting a blister on your foot is genuinely easy. Fortunately, the treatment for one is likewise straightforward. Before you whip out a bandage or ailment, it’s essential to understand the actual cause of your foot blisters. By understanding the potential … Read more

Is It Okay To Run Every Day?

runner stretching legs

Running is one of the best aerobic activities available for fitness enthusiasts.  Whether your goal is to shed a few pounds for summer, shape and tone your body, improve your endurance or train for an upcoming race, a good running/training program can make all the difference.  However, running is also a “high-impact” form of exercise.  … Read more

How To Improve Your Running Speed

marathon runners

Once you’ve built enough endurance to call yourself a runner, you may want to turn your attention to a new goal—running faster. If this resonates with you, then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll share with my best tips on how to increase your speed as a runner. These tips will help … Read more