HIIT vs Running: The Benefits of Sprinting

sprinter starting

Sprints are short bursts of running in which you go as hard and as fast as you can for abbreviated amounts of time. The idea with sprinting is to expend all of your energy and muscle strength to tap out your body’s resources. Basically, it’s power running. Since sprinting is just another form of running … Read more

Snakes and Trail Running: What You Need to Know

trail runner on mountain trail

Trail running is a great way to practice a variety of skill sets, including long-distance runs, inclines, and declines. While there are so many reasons to find a trail in your community, you also need to run smart on this type of terrain. The American backcountry is full of dangers, including steep edges, navigation issues … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Minimalist Running Shoes For Beginners (2022)

woman running in minimalist running shoes

So you’ve decided to nix the claims of increased performance and comfort of traditional running shoes and enter the world of barefoot or minimalist running.  Like any other sport, minimalist running requires knowledge of the sport, consistent training, and the right equipment. As you begin your journey, we have prepared this minimalist running shoes guide … Read more

Indoor vs Outdoor Running: Which Is Better?

runners feet

Many runners have one question in common. Is running on a treadmill similar to running outdoors? Many people have their opinion, but scientific research reveals that running on a treadmill and running outside can be the same if you make a few adjustments on the treadmill. Running on a treadmill and running outdoors both have … Read more